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In 1981 I saw a photograph of three women from El Salvador and cut it out of the newspaper. For 20 years it kept reappearing amidst my studio’s debris and I put it away again and again, never throwing it away because I knew someday it would become a sculpture. One day it reappeared and I felt that I was ready to try. After many attempts at individual figures and groupings of 3 figures the present sculpture emerged.

Where are they? is the title I gave to it 20 years ago. With an empty child’s shirt, a stone and a cross the women call out to the militia with infinite courage, “Where are they? Where are our husbands and children?” That question has stayed with me over these years, knowing how deeply I feared the answer. These women inspire me to search for the right questions, and then to have the courage to ask them.

WHERE ARE THEY?, 15" high